Echamber | Mini | BHC-MINI-100


Item Code: BHC-MINI-100

The e-chamber mini is an economic spacer suitable for all ages only available to lung function laboratories. The compact 175ml chamber is made from durable polypropylene plastic, which is entirely recyclable. This is also anti-static to ensure a minimum medication adheres to the chamber, unlike alternatives.

This product is available as a quad-combo with the Suregard Respiratory Filter, e-actuator disposable pMDI and Grip Nose Clip

Features Include:

  • 175ml
  • Anti-static plastic with embedded particles - can't be scratched or washed off.
  • Single patient reusable
  • Easy cleaning
  • Universal inhaler fitting
  • Elliptical mouthpiece
  • 100% recyclable
  • Most inhalers can be conveniently stored inside
  • Blister packed and available in a quantity of a 100 per box


  • Available in: Australia, New Zealand, France, UK
  • Unavailable in: China

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