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E-Chamber | Asthma Spacer

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Eco Spacer

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E-Chamber | Portable Nebuliser

Portable Nebuliser

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E-Chamber | IMT/PEP

IMT/PEP Lung Training Device

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Why Use A Spacer?

People with respiratory conditions are often prescribed pressurised metered dose inhaler (pMDI) medications (puffers) to help manage their symptoms. For many people, getting the correct technique when using a puffer can be difficult, which leads to poor and
sub optimal drug delivery to their lungs.

The e-chamber range of spacers help overcome the problems many people have arising from incorrect technique when trying to manage lung and breathing at the same time.

The e-chamber with Butterfly Valve Technology helps slow the delivery of medication and reduce the need for co-ordination, which in turn allows for greater delivery of medication to the lungs.

E-Chamber | Asthma Spacers
E-Chamber Product Comparison

Product Comparison

E-Chamber | Asthma Australia

"Sometimes the difference between a patient using a spacer at home and not using it is as simple as giving them one. I prefer echambers over a single use disposable as the patient can use them over and over again. When e-chamber spacers are the same price as single use cardboard spacers it's a no brainer"

- General Practitioner, VIC

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