"Compact, durable and being anti static it's easy to use with no fuss. This spacer has been ideal both for my clinical use and for my clients personal use"

- Respiratory Scientist, NSW

"Sometimes the difference between a patient using a spacer at home and not using it is as simple as giving them one. I prefer echambers over a single use disposable as the patient can use them over and over again. When e-chamber spacers are the same price as single use cardboard spacers it's a no brainer"

- General Practitioner, VIC


"Best spacer I have ever had. Easy to use. Sleek enough to fit into my handbag. Very impressed."

- Annie, VIC


"My son has used many different varieties of spacers over the years. The La Petite for us is the most effective spacer we have found - it's compact, easy to pack in bags for discretion and most of all distributes his medication quickly with minimal loss. I would definitely recommend this product."

- Corrina, NSW

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